2.0 Build Tables
2.1 Create a Table

Tables: Create a Table, Pg 73
Tables: Create Linked Tables from External Sources, Pg 322

2.2 Format a Table
Tables: Format a Table, Pg 57
Tables: Hide Fields, Pg 56
Tables: Change Data Format, Pg 296

2.3 Manage Records
Manage Records: Update Records, Pg 45
Manage Records: Append Records, Pg 282
Manage Records: Group Records, Pg 165

2.4 Create and Modify Fields
Tables: Change Field Data Types, Pg 296

3.0 Create Queries
3.1 Create a Query

Queries: Create a Crosstab Query, Pg 248
Queries: Create an Action Query, Pg 44

3.2 Modify a Query
Queries: Delete a Query, Pg 304
Queries: Rename a Query, Pg 302
Queries: Hide Fields, Pg 289

Microsoft Access 2013 Study Guide

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-424 for Access 2013


3.3 Use Calculated Fields and Grouping within a Query
3.3 Utilize Calculated Fields and Grouping within a Query, Pg 286
Queries: Use Comparison Operators, Pg 222
Queries: Use Basic Operators (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide), Pg 166

4.0 Create Forms
4.1 Create a Form

Forms: Create Forms with Application Parts, Pg 65
Forms: Delete a Form, Pg 318

4.3 Format a Form
Forms: Change Margins, Pg 105

5.0 Create Reports
5.1 Create a Report

Reports: Create with Application Parts, Pg 204
Reports: Delete a Report, Pg 318

5.2 Set Report Controls
Reports: Add a Subreport, Pg 204
Reports: Modify Data Source, Pg 168

5.3 Format a Report

Reports: Set Margins, Pg 170