4. Which is true about Subdatasheets? (Give all correct answers.)
A. Can be a Table
B. Can be a Query
C. Will use Primary Keys to create relationships
Tip: Advanced Access, page 52

5. Match the Query with its description:

A. Select Query

i. Changes the Record

B. Action Query

ii. Changes the Data in the Table

C. Append Query

iii. Deletes Records

D. Update Query

iv. Displays certain Records

E. Delete Query

v. Adds more Records to a Table

Tip: Advanced Access, page 43

1. Which would be an Access Table in Third Normal Form?

(Give all correct answers.)
A. tblMovies has only movies
B. tblCustomers has only customer data
C. tblProducts has items and their prices
D. tblPrices has only prices
Tip: Advanced Access, page 34

2. Which are Data Types in an Access Table?

(Give all correct answers.)
A. Auto Number
B. Currency
C. Text
D. Memo
Tip: Advanced Access, page 35

3. Which of the following is true about Key fields?

(Give all correct answers.)
A. A Foreign Key is the Primary Key from another Table
B. A Table can have only one Primary Key
C. A Table can have many Primary Keys
D. A Key Field is a good way to link two Tables
E. A Primary Key can be text or a number
Tip: Advanced Access, page 38-39

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