Test Yourself


1. Which of the following is true about Tabular Arrangement in Form Design?

(Give all correct answers.)
A. Arranges Fields in a Table
B. Allows the use of the Arrange commands for moving and merging Fields
Tip: Advanced Access, page 101

2. Which is true about Cells in a Table?

(Give all correct answers.)
A. Margin is the space between the Cell border and the Data
B. Default Margin is none
C. Margins can be edited, but Padding cannot
Tip: Advanced Access, page 105

3. Which term refers to the space between Cells in a Table?
A. Margin
B. Padding
C. Anchoring
D. Gap
Tip: Advanced Access, page 105

4. Anchoring locks a Cell into place, keeping it in the same spot, such as Top Left regardless of resizing.
A. True
B. False
Tip: Advanced Access, page 107

5. Which is a method of changing the size of a Cell in Access?
A. Form Design Tools-> Arrange-> Sizing & Ordering-> Size and Space
B. Form Design Tools-> Table Tools-> Sizing
C. Table Tools-> Layout-> Cell Size
D. Edited with the Property Sheet
Tip: Advanced Access, page 108, 109


Lesson 4: Form Design

Try This: Do the following steps
1. Open your Brown Bag Lunch database. Or, you may download BBL Adv ver4.accdb
2. Create a Form with the Form Wizard. Use tblReceiptProducts as the Record Source and select all available Fields. Select the Datasheet Layout. Name the Form: ReceiptProductsSubform.

3. Use the Form Tools in Design View to format the datasheet with alternating Row colors.

4. Select the ProductID Text Field and delete the Control and the Label.

5. Create a Combo Box Control and select tblProducts as the Record Source. Choose ProductId and Item from the available Fields. Sort the Items Ascending. Hide the Key Column (ProductID). Select ProductID to Store in tblReceiptProducts. Enter a Label: Products. Finish the Wizard.

6. Select the new Combo Box use the Property Sheet to change the name to ProductsCombo.

7. Use the Form Design Tools->Design to change the Tab Order so that the DateReceipt is first, ProductsCombo is second and Memo is third.

8. Save your changes. Test the Form in Datasheet View. Does the Products Combo work?

9. Close the Subform.

10. Close the Brown Bag Lunch database.

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