Test Yourself

1. Only Tables can be Joined.
A. True
B. False
Tip: Advanced Access, page 129

2. Which of the following is true about adding a Subform? (Give all correct answers.)
A. The Master Form must be open
B. The Master Form does not need to be open
C. The Child Form is added as Control to the Master Form
D. Child Form is another name for Subform
Tip: Advanced Access, page 140

3. Where does the command Add Existing Fields get the available Fields from?
A. All available fields in the database
B. The last Query or Table viewed
C. The Table or Query currently open
D. The Record Source for the Form
Tip: Advanced Access, page 138

4. Subforms can use which of the following for Data?

(Give all correct answers.)
A. Existing Tables
B. Existing Queries
C. Existing Forms
Tip: Advanced Access, page 140

5. When using the command Create->Forms->Blank Form, what View does the Form open in?
A. Normal
B. Form
C. Layout
D. Design
Tip: Advanced Access, page 131