4. Which of the following is true about a Multi-Value Field?

(Give all correct answers.)
A. Lets users select more than one answer
B. The creator types a list of values to be chosen from
C. Users can be allowed to add new items to the list
D. Users are always limited to the items in the list
Tip: Advanced Access, page 294, 295

5. Which of the following is true about the Memo Field?
A. It can only hold 40 characters
B. It can hold 2 GB of data
C. Users can only add to the existing data
D. Users can be allowed to delete the existing data
E. When the Memo is set to Append only, users can add to but cannot delete existing data
Tip: Advanced Access, page 296

1. Which are options for importing External Data? (Give all correct answers.)
A. Import into a new Table
B. Link to an external Table
C. Append (add) Records to a Table
Tip: Advanced Access, page 282

2. Access has a Query specifically for finding duplicate records.
A. True
B. False
Tip: Advanced Access, page 286

3. Which of the following is true about Records? (Give all correct answers.)
A. Deleting is not recommended because it removes a Primary Key number
B. Preferred method of removing Records is to Archive it
Tip: Advanced Access, page 290

Test Yourself

Lesson 10: Strategies for Archiving

Try This: Do the following steps
1. Open your Brown Bag Lunch database

Or, you may download BBL Adv ver10.accdb

2. Edit the Products Table, tblProducts, in Design View. Add the following Fields:
Field Name: Discontinued, Data Type: Yes/No
Field Name: Reason, Data Type: Memo
Save the changes and close the Table.

3. Create a Select Query in Design View. Select tblProducts as the Record Source. Add all of the Fields to the QBE Grid. Run the Query to test it. Return to the Design View.

4. Add a Criteria to the Type Field: “Snacks” Run the Query to test it. Return to the Design View.

5. Change this Select Query to an Update Query.

Update Discontinued to Yes.

Update Memo to: "Not interested in this product."

6. Save the Query as ProductDiscontinedUQ.

7. Run the ProductDiscontinuedUQ Update Query and confirm that the data in the Products Table was changed.

8. Close the Update Query.

9. Close the Brown Bag Lunch database.

Practice Activities