Beginning Access Skill Test



6. Select the Form and change the Tab Order to Auto Order.


7. Select the Form and set the Cycle Properties to Current Record.

8. Format the Form with a Quick Style: Pushpin.

9. Save the Customers Form and test the Form in Normal View.

10. Close the Beginning Access Skill Test.accdb.

Submit this database online.

Before You Begin: Download and open the sample database:

Beginning Access Skill Test.accdb


1. Create a Form with the Form Wizard.

Use tblCustomers as the Record Source.
Select all available Fields for the Form.
Select the Columnar Layout.
Name the Title Customers. Finish the Wizard


2. Open the Customers Form in Design View.
In the Form Header use the Property Sheet to edit the position of the Label: Left 1.25" and top 0.25".
Format the Label Font: 48pt, White, Bold.

Resize the Label to fit if needed.


3. Add the image Lunch4.gif to the Header.

Resize the image: Width 1 and Height 1.
Format the color of the Header with a Shape Fill Color: Dark Blue 2.


4. Select ALL the Form Controls & Labels (except the Header Label).
Change the Width to 2.5" and the Height to 0.25"


5. Resize each of the Labels so that they are as wide as the text.
Move the Controls next to the Labels, with minimal space between.
Move the Controls and their Labels:
   Place Company below Last Name.
   Place Phone below Company