Microsoft Excel 2013 Study Guide: Advanced Excel

           Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-420 Core for Excel 2013


From the Excel 2013 CORE Exam 77-420
1. Create Worksheets and Workbooks,
1.1   Create Worksheets and Workbooks

Create Workbooks from a Template
Pg 242
Import Files, Pg 306
Open Non-native Files Directly in Excel, Pg 293

1.2   Navigate Worksheets and Workbooks
Search for Data, Pg 213
Use Go To, Pg 315

1.3 Format Worksheets and Workbooks
Data Validation, Pg 171

1.4 Customize Options and Views for Worksheets and Workbooks
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar, Pg 220
Customize the Ribbon, Pg 186
Macros: Assign Shortcut Keys, Pg 259
Macros: Manage Security, Pg 273
Macros: Record Simple Macros, Pg 251
Workbook Properties, Pg 224

2. Create Cells and Ranges
2.1 Insert Data in Cells and Ranges

Append Data, Pg 155
Find and Replace Data, Pg 252

From the Excel 2013 CORE Exam 77-420
2.3 Order and Group Cells and Ranges
Conditional Formatting, Pg 67
PivotTable: Transpose Rows/Columns, Pg 101
Subtotals: Create Outlines, Pg 60
Subtotals: Expand/Collapse Outline, Pg 60
Subtotals: Insert Subtotals, Pg 58

3. Create Tables
3.1   Create a Table

Table: Define Title, Pg 41
Table: Insert or Delete Cells, Pg 29
Tables: Convert Table to a Range, Pg 21

3.2   Modify a Table
Table: Apply Styles, Pg 24
Table: Banded Rows and Columns, Pg 26
Table: Insert a Total Row, Pg 27
Table: Remove Styles, Pg 30

3.3 Filter and Sort a Table
Table: Change Sort Order, Pg 17
Table: Filter Records, Pg 23
Table: Remove Duplicates, Pg 42
Table: Sort on Multiple Columns, Pg 19


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From the Excel 2013 CORE Exam 77-420

5. Create Charts and Objects
5.1   Create a Chart

Charts: Switch Rows and Columns, Pg 132
Charts: Quick Analysis, Pg 157

5.2   Format a Chart
Charts: Resize, Pg 131

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