1. Create Worksheets and Workbooks
1.1  Create Worksheets and Workbooks

Create New Blank Workbooks, Pg 27

1.3  Format Worksheets and Workbooks
Change Row Height and Column Width, Pg 30

1.4  Customize Options and Views for Worksheets and Workbooks
Hide Rows and Columns, Pg 60
Workbook Views: Change Views, Pg 192
Workbook Views: Zoom, Pg 196
Workbook Views: Freeze Panes, Pg 198
Workbook Views: Split the Window, Pg 197

1.5  Configure Worksheets and Workbooks to Print Or Save
Save: Maintain Backward Compatibility, Pg 73

2. Create Cells and Ranges
2.1 Insert Data In Cells and Ranges

Copy and Paste Data, Pg 38
Expand Data Across Columns, Pg 36
Cells: Insert and Delete Cells, Pg 62

2. Create Cells and Ranges
2.2 Format Cells and Ranges

Cells: Merge Cells, Pg 36
Cells: Modify Alignment, Indentation, Pg 34
Cells: Modify Font and Font Styles, Pg 31
Cells: Use the Format Painter, Pg 63
Cells: Wrap Text Within Cells, Pg 37
Cells: Apply Number Formatting, Pg 54
Cells: Apply Highlighting, Pg 33
Cells: Apply Cell Style, Pg 67

4. Apply formulas and Functions
4.2  Summarize Data with Functions

Function: SUMIF, Pg 57
Function: MIN and MAX, Pg 93
Function: COUNT, Pg 92
Function: AVERAGE, Pg 90

Microsoft Excel 2013 Study Guide: Beginning Excel

           Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-420 for Excel 2013


5. Create Charts and Objects
5.1  Create a Chart

Charts: Create a Chart, Pg 107
Charts: Add Additional Data Series, Pg 133

5.2  Format a Chart
Charts: Add Legend, Pg 132
Charts: format Layout and Styles, Pg 110

5.3  Insert and format an Object
Text: Insert Text Box, Pg 170
SmartArt: Insert SmartArt, Pg 179
Illustrations: Insert Pictures, Pg 145
Illustrations: Format Borders, Pg 149
Illustrations: Apply Styles and Effects, Pg 148
Illustrations: Change Object Color, Pg 171
Illustrations: Modify Object Properties, Pg 150
Illustrations: Position Objects (SmartArt), Pg 187

From Exam 77-428 Excel 2013 Expert Part 2
2. Apply Custom Formats and Layouts
2.3 Apply Custom Styles and Templates

Cell Styles

4. Create Advanced Charts And Tables
4.1 Create Advanced Chart Elements

Charts: Add Trendlines
Charts: Dual Axes