Exam 77-420 Microsoft Excel 2013
4. Apply Formulas and Functions
4.1 Apply Cell Ranges and References in Formulas and Functions: Reference Cell Ranges In Formulas




Use the Names in a Formula

The purpose of creating these Defined Names is to use the references in a formula. The following pages will demonstrate how to conditionally summarize data with formulas.


A Conditional Summary means: show me the data that matches my Criteria. At the basic level, a Conditional Summary is a filter. Say you had three products: legs, eggs and pigs. A filter asks: show me the eggs sales. A Conditional Summary asks: show me the eggs sales that were greater than $500.00 per day. Which days?


1. Try This: Create a Sample Formula

Select Cell F1 and type: Sample Formula

Select Cell F2.

Go to  Formulas ->Defined Names.

Go to Use in Formula.

Select: Revenue.


2. What Do You See? The formula is: =Revenue.

The formula bar displays the Defined Name and the correct Range of Cells is selected.


Please UNDO this practice and keep going...


Formulas ->Defined Names-> Use in Formula ->Use in Formula