Exam 77-428 Microsoft Excel 2013 EXPERT
3. Create Advanced Formulas
3.1   Apply Functions in Formulas: Use SUMIFS


Formulas -> Function Library->Math and Trig -> SUMIFS

SUMIFS: Add Another Criteria

What is the sum if you added sales greater than 300 AND less than 500?


3. Try This: Add Another Criteria

Select Cell D73.
Type: SUMIFS All Sales Greater than $300 and Less than $500
Select Cell E73.

Go to Formulas -> Function Library.

Go to More Functions->Math and Trig .

Select SUMIFS.

Enter the Sum_Range: Revenue

Enter Criteria_range1: Revenue

Enter Criteria1: >300.


Add another Criteria:

Enter Criteria_range2:Revenue

Enter Criteria2: <500


4. What Do You See?

The formula in this example is:

 =SUMIFS(Revenue,Revenue,">300", Revenue,"<500")


Memo to Self: The formula has no line breaks.