Exam 77-428 Microsoft Excel 2013 EXPERT
3. Create Advanced Formulas
3.1   Apply Functions in Formulas: Use COUNTIFS


Formulas -> Function Library->More Functions -> Statistical ->COUNTIFS


How many cheap products that cost less than $3.25 net more than $300.00 in daily sales?


COUNTIFS lets you calculate the answer based on two (or more) conditions: the net price and the daily sales.


1. Try This: COUNTIFS

Select Cells: $C$1:$C$70

Name the Range: Net.

In Cell D75 type: COUNTIFS for Cheap Products with Sales Greater than $300.


Now, select Cell E75.

Go to Formulas -> Function Library .

Go to More Functions->Statistical

Select ->COUNTIFS.

Enter Criteria_range1: Net

Enter Criteria1: <3.25

Enter Criteria_range2: Revenue

Enter Criteria2: >300
Click OK.
Format Cell E75 as General.


2. What Do You See? The formula is: