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Advanced Excel Skill Test, continued



12. Create a Best Case and a Worst Case scenario for the car payment.
The Best Case changes the Present Value to $20,000 and the number of payments to 48.
The Worst Case changes the Present Value to $16,000 and the number of payments to 60.

13. Create a new spreadsheet in this workbook.

    Add the Label: Sales Rep, Total Sold, Sales Goals and Bonus.

    Add the names of three Sales reps

    Add the amount they sold: $1,000, $2,500, and $4,600.

14. Create a Lookup table with two columns: Sales Goals and Bonus.   

    The Sales Goals is formatted in currency.

    The Bonus is formatted in percent.

    The Sales Goals are $500, $1,000, $2,500, and $4,000.

    The Bonuses are 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% of the Total Sold.

15. Calculate each Sales Rep's Bonus.

16. Save the file as Your Name Excel Advanced Bonus.
Please submit the Advanced Excel Skill Test to your instructor.

8. Make a copy of the Budgie spreadsheet and name it Summary.
Delete Columns C and D
Change the Product in Cell B4=All Computers

Create an equation in Cell C4 that adds the Total from the Budgie spreadsheet and the Total from the Expert Spreadsheet.


9. Start a new spreadsheet in this workbook.

Create the following labels:
Enter the Labels
In Cell A1 type: Present Value
In Cell A2 type: Interest
In Cell A3 type: Months
In Cell A4 type: Payment

In Cell B1=$20,000
Cell B2=4%
Cell B3=48


10. Select Cell B4 and use the Function Wizard (fX) to calculate the Payment using the PMT function. Remember, the Rate (Cell B2) is divided by 12 to get a monthly payment.

11. Select Cell B4 and Goal seek to get the payment under $400 by changing the number of payments in Cell B3. Remember the payment in the Goal Seek is a NEGATIVE number.