Take One

Practice: Lync Setup and Options
Before You Begin: Log into Microsoft Lync

Try This: Do the following steps

1. Go to the Contacts and use the Search option to Find someone.

2. Select a Contact. Click on the status bar to open the Contact Card.

3. Send an Instant Message to your Contact. Type: Hello, World!

4. Close the Instant Message.

5. The Contact Card is open. Place a Lync Call.

6. When your Contact answers your Lync Call go to Conversation Share a PowerPoint slide show. You can use the sample presentation at the beginning of this lesson or one of your own presentations.

7. Practice with the following Presenter Layouts:
Speaker View
Content View
Compact View

8. Chose Speaker View. Begin an Instant Message with your Contact.

9. Stop presenting the PowerPoint. End the Lync Call.

10. Go to the Lync Conversations. Is the Instant Message and the Lync Call listed in the Conversations?


Microsoft Lync is a collaboration tool. It also requires some practice so that you can make a professional presentation.

You will need a Contact that has Microsoft Lync to practice these steps.