Take One

Exam 77-891 Office 365
3. Collaborate by Using Lync Online
3.2 Employ Collaboration Tools and Techniques: Add one or more contacts to a call


Invite a Contact to the Call
The stage is set: the video works.
It's show time!

Let's add a Contact to this Group Conversation. These are the same steps we saw earlier when we added a Contact to a Lync Cal.

8. Try It: Add Another Contact
The Conversation is still open in your Lync. Your Desktop is shown on the stage on the right side of the Conversation.

Go to the People->Invite More People.

A Search window will open and prompt you to find a Contact. Glen Glick was chosen for this example. Glen will receive an invitation to join the comversation now.

Keep going...


Lync-> Conversation->People ->Invite More People