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Microsoft Office 365: Video Conferences
Microsoft Lync can host interactive demonstrations and online collaboration as well as video conference calls. With Microsfot Lync, you can share anything that will tell the story to your audience. The Presenter can share the Desktop and walk through a new process step-by-step. The Participants see the demo live, on the stage. The Presenter can also share a software program and allow someone else to use that program to edit a document online.

Collaborating online: a day in the life scenario
This lesson will begin with a business scenario in Microsoft Office 365: An E-mail asks if we are ready for the Video Conference. We'll answer that E-mail with a quick Chat then begin the Call.
The Conference will include video, so we'll practice what options are available to the Presenter.

The following pages will show what you can share in Lync and what Tools can be used to create a professional meeting online.
If you are ready then we can begin.