Tasks Home Ribbon


Outlook Objectives

In this lesson, you will learn how to:

1. Create Tasks to document date, time, location and details.

2. Manage Task Details.

3. Assign a Task to an Outlook User.

4. Accept or decline a Task assignment

5. Update a Task, end a Status Report

6. Mark a Task complete and move it to a folder.


Lesson 8 : Tasks and Time Management


Tasks Ribbon
Menu Map

More Menu Maps

From the Tasks Ribbon.

1. Task->Show->Details, page 224

2. Task->Tags->Follow Up, page 225

3. Task->Tags->Categories, page 226

4. Tasks ->Manage Tasks->Assign a Task, page 233

5. Tasks ->Manage Tasks->Send Status Report, page 235

6. Tasks ->Actions->Move, page 240 (not shown)

Menu Maps

From the Tasks Home Ribbon.

1. Home ->New-> New Task, page 222

2. Home ->Follow Up, page 228

3. Home ->Manage Task->Mark Complete, page 229


More Ribbons (Not Shown)

1. Home ->New-> New Note, page 242

2. Home ->New-> Journal Entry, page 246