Using an eReader

Now you can download our Microsoft Office certification training books to your eReader. In addition to being available online as a webpage we have included the materials within the course as Adobe PDF files for download to your computer, eReader or Tablet of choice.

eReaders provide full color pages, zoom control, search, bookmarks and other great features. You can prop the eReader beside your mighty desktop or laptop computer as you read the lessons and practice the steps.


This is a simple, easy to use process. Our books work best on the iPad or other similarly sized tablets because of the large format of the pages.  When a PDF is accessed online, such as in our courses, the iPad automatically ask to put that PDF into the iBooks app.   


Any Kindle with a web browser should be able to download the PDF to the Kindle, then open it with either a PDF app or in the Kindle App. Another option with the Kindle is to download the files to a desktop, E-mail them to your Kindle account, then send them to the Kindle.

If your course did not include books you can buy them on if you wish