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Outlook Objectives

In this lesson, you will learn how to:

1. Use the Home Ribbon to create and respond to E-mail messages.

2. Use the Message Ribbon to format Basic (Plain Text) E-mail messages.

3. Create Rich Text messages.

4. Apply Quick Styles and use the formatting tools to create a custom Quick Style.

Menu Map

Lesson 2 : Introduction to E-mail


Format Text Ribbon
Menu Map

E-mail Menu Maps

From the Format Text Ribbon

1. Format Text ->Font, page 40

2. Format Text ->Paragraph->Multilevel List, page 41

3. Format Text ->Styles, page 42

4. Format Text ->Styles->Change Styles, page 43

5. Format Text ->Styles->Options, page 45

Outlook Menu Maps

From the Outlook View Ribbon

1. View->Layout->Navigation Pane, page 32

2. View->Layout->Reading Pane, page 33

3. View->Layout->To-Do Bar, page 34


From the Outlook Home Ribbon.

4. Home-> New->New Email, page 35

5. Home ->Respond->Reply, page 36

6. Home ->Respond->Forward, page 37