Practice Activity

Lesson 5: Working with Multimedia

Before You Begin: Start Microsoft PowerPoint.  

Try This: Do the following steps
1. Open a new blank PowerPoint presentation.
2. Add the title: Helpful Baby
3. Add two blank slides.
4. On Slide 2, insert a video from file. Insert the sample video Using Swiffer.wmv.
5. Apply Video Style Snip Diagonal Corner, White to the video. Resize the video to be 3 tall.
6. Apply the Correction Brightness +20%, Contrast +20% to the video.
7. Add a bookmark to the video at a spot of your choice.
8. Trim the last 5 seconds off the end of the video.
9. Add a baby related picture of your choice. Resize the picture to be larger than the video placeholder.
10. Set the video to hide when not playing.
11. Add a Trigger to the Video. Select the picture on the slide as the Trigger with the video playing on click of the picture.
12. Go to Slide 3. Add the following video from YouTube titled Helping with Laundry.
13. Add three baby or child themed ClipArt images to the slide show. Arrange the images so that two of them over lap the video. Arrange one of the overlapping images to be in front of the video and one of the overlapping images to be behind the video.
14. Test your slide show.
15. Save this file as Advanced PowerPoint Practice Activity 5.