Exam 77-422: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
1.0 Create and Manage Presentations
1.5 Configure and Present Slideshows: Edit Transition Timing

Edit the Slide Timings

The Timings that you rehearsed and saved were added to the Slide Transitions. You can edit the Slide Timing with the Transitions Ribbon.


Before You Begin: Change the View

Go to View->Slide Sorter.

You should see the Timing beneath each Slide, next to the Animation star.


3. Try it: Edit the Timing

Slide 3 is selected.
Go to Transitions->Timing->Advance Slide.


Each slide should have a check mark to Advance Slide After.

Edit the Timing: 00:20:00


Make the Timing for each slide 20 seconds.

Keep going, please...

Transitions->Timing->Advance Slide