Exam 77-422: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
1.0 Create and Manage Presentations
1.5 Configure and Present Slideshows: Use Presenter View

The Presenter View

There is a Presenter View that has enhanced options for the speaker. The Presenter View uses two screens: one displays the slide show, the other supports the speaker.

The speaker still sees the slide, the Speakers Notes and thumbnails of each slide. In the Presenter View the Tools are bigger. They are always on screen for the Presenter, however, they are not visible to the audience.


2. Try it: Use the Presenter View

Go to Slide Show ->Monitors.

Select: Use Presenter View.

Now, Start the Slide Show. 


What Do You See? In the example on this page the Slide Show is on the right monitor and the Presenters View is on the left. The bottom screen shot shows the enhanced Presenters Tools.

Memo to Self: The computer shown on this page has two monitors. 

Slide Show ->Monitors->Use Presenter View