Exam 77-422: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
1.0 Create and Manage Presentations
1.3 Customize Presentation Options and Views: Modify Presentation Properties

Set Up a Slide Show

Finally, you can program this little presentation to play by itself. This option can be useful at a trade show or as a stand alone kiosk.


3. Try This: Set Up the Slide Show.

Go to Slide Show->Set Up.

Click on Set Up Slide Show.


There are four areas that you can edit:

Show type: speaker, individual or kiosk.


Show Slides: All, From, Custom Show.


Show Options: Loop, narration and animation as well as Pen color and Laser_pointer color.


Advance slides: manually or using timings, if present.


Keep going...

Slide Show ->Set Up->Set Up Slide Show