1.0 Create and Manage Presentations 
1.1 Create a Presentation

Import Text Files into Presentations, Pg 244
Import Word Document Outlines into Presentations, Pg 244

1.2 Format a Presentation Using Slide Masters
Apply a Slide Master, Pg 90
Add Background Images, Pg 85
Control Page Numbers, Pg 88
Insert Headers and Footers, Pg 86
Modify Existing Layouts, Pg 80
Modify Presentation Themes, Pg 82

1.3 Customize Presentation Options and Views
Use Views to Navigate Through Presentations, Pg 101
Modify Presentation Properties, Pg 225

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Study Guide: Advanced

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-422 for PowerPoint 2013

Study Guide Page 1 -Page 2

2.0 Insert and Format Shapes and Slides
2.1 Insert and Format Slides

Sldies: Delete Slides, Pg 221
Slides: Duplicate Existing Slides, Pg 221
Slides: Hide Slides, Pg 201

3.0 Create Slide Content
3.1 Insert and Format Text

Insert Hyperlinks, Pg 94

3.2 Insert and Format Tables  
Apply Table Styles, Pg 17
Create New Tables, Pg 16
Import Tables from External Sources, Pg 31
Modify Number Of Rows and Columns, Pg 20

3.3 Insert and Format Charts
Charts: Insert Chart, Pg 46
Charts: Modify Chart Parameters, Pg 51
Charts: Add Legends to Charts, Pg 55