Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Study Guide: Beginning
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-422 for PowerPoint 2013


1.0 Create and Manage Presentations
1.1 Create a Presentation

Create Blank Presentations, Pg 27
Create Shows Using Templates, Pg 159

1.3 Customize Options and Views
Change Page Setup Options, Pg 240
Change to View in Color/Grayscale, Pg 209

1.4 Configure Presentations to Print Or Save 
Save: Maintain Backward Compatibility, Pg 49

2.0 Insert and Format Shapes and Slides
2.1 Insert and Format Slides

Slides: Add Slides Layouts, Pg 29
Slides: Modify Slide Backgrounds, Pg 117
Slides: Apply Styles to Slides, Pg 110

2.2 Insert and Format Shapes
Shapes: Modify Shape Backgrounds, Pg 94
Shapes: Apply Borders to Shapes, Pg 102
Shapes: Resize Shapes, Pg 106
Shapes: Insert Shapes, Pg 230
Shapes: Create Custom Shapes, Pg 107
Shapes: Apply Styles to Shapes, Pg 89

2.3 Order and Group Shapes and Slides
Insert Section Headers, Pg 215
Modify Slide Order, Pg 215
View: Display Gridlines, Pg 210

3.0 Create Slide Content
3.1 Insert and Format Text

Change Text to WordArt, Pg 237
Create Multiple Columns in a Shape, Pg 242
Apply Formatting and Styles to Text, Pg 32
Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists, Pg 63

3.4 Insert and Format SmartArt
SmartArt: Add Shapes to SmartArt, Pg 173
SmartArt: Change Color, Pg 180
SmartArt: Move Text within Shapes, Pg 174
SmartArt: Reverse Direction, Pg 177
SmartArt: Convert Lists to SmartArt, Pg 235


3.5 Insert and Format Images  
Images: Resize Images, Pg 141
Images: Crop Images, Pg 142
Images: Apply Effects, Pg 138
Images: Apply Styles, Pg 135