Beginning Word Skill Test



14. Add a Third Text Box: Simple Text Box

15. Link the Second & Third Text Boxes

16. Resize the Second Text box so Access is the last item—Publisher and OneNote will spill into the third Textbox.

17. Insert SmartArt: Vertical Chevron List

18. Add the following Text:

     Information Technology

     Human Resources


19. Remove any unused shapes

20. Format the SmartArt with SmartArt Style Sunset Scene and change the color to orange.

21. Add a new Shape to the SmartArt and add the following text: Management

22. Insert another image from ClipArt.

23. Apply an Artistic Effect to the image.

24. Save the file as Your Name Beginning Word Skill Test and submit to your instructor.

Open a new, blank document in Microsoft Word.
Please do the following steps:

1. Add the following text: Computer Training

2. Format the text: Bold, 24 pt. If you wish, you may change the font.

3. Insert a picture related to computer training.

4. Apply the picture style Bevel Perspective OR Bevel Oval.

5. Format the Text Wrapping to be Top and Bottom.

6. Move the picture above the text.

7. Insert a Simple Text Box.

8. Format the Text Box: use a Subtle Effect Accent Style

9. Change the Text Box Shape to Wave

10. Insert the following Text in the Text Box

     New Courses for Fall

11. Insert Text Box: Decorative Quote.

12. Move the Second Text Box under the First.

13. Add the following Text to the Second Text Box