From the Word 2013 CORE Exam 77-418

1. Create and Manage Documents

1.2. Navigate Through a Document
Navigate: Search for Text, Pg 116
Navigate: Go To Options, Pg 118


1.3. Format a Document
Format: Style Sets, Pg 99
Format: Insert Page Numbers, Pg 145


1.4. Custom Document Views
Views: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar, Pg 295
Views: Customize the Ribbons, Pg 290
Properties: Edit the Properties, Pg 304
Macros: Record Simple Macros, Pg 279
Macros: Assign Shortcut Keys, Pg 279
Macros: Manage Security, Pg 297

1.5 Configure Documents to Print Or Save
Documents: Password Protect, Pg 267

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From the Word 2013 CORE Exam 77-418

2.0 Format Text, Paragraphs and Sections
2-4. Format Text and Paragraphs

Change Text to WordArt, Pg 193
Documents: Password Protect, Pg 267
Find and Replace Text, Pg 117
Use Find/ Replace to Format Text, Pg 282
Format Text: Format Painter, Pg 111
Format Text: Paragraph Spacing, Pg 110
Format Text: Set Indentation, Pg 15
Modify Style Formatting, Pg 103


2-6. Order and Group Paragraphs
Group: Insert Section Breaks, Pg 152
Group: Add Titles Sections, Pg 154
Group: Force Page Breaks, Pg 112

3.0. Create Tables and Lists
3.1 Create a Table

Convert Text to Tables, Pg 21
Convert Tables to Text, Pg 34
Tables Define Table Dimensions, Pg 27
Tables: Quick Tables, Pg 59
Tables: Table Title, Pg 30

Microsoft Word 2013 Study Guide: Advanced Word

           Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-418 Word 2013

From the Word 2013 CORE Exam 77-418
3.0. Create Tables and Lists
3.2 Modify a Table

Tables: Apply Styles, Pg 67
Tables: Change Cell Margins, Pg 28
Tables: Edit Table Dimensions, Pg 27
Tables: Sort Table Data, Pg 31
Tables: Use Formulas, Pg 31

3.3. Create and Modify Lists
Lists: Bullets and Numbering, Pg 36
Lists: Change Line Spacing, Pg 48
Lists: Custom Bullets, Pg 37
Lists: Increase and Decrease List Levels, Pg 47
Lists: Modify List Indentation, Pg 42
Lists: Modify Numbering, Pg 40


4.0. Apply References
4.1 Create End Notes, Footnotes and Citations

References: Insert Endnotes, Pg 127
References: Manage Footnote Locations, Pg 126
References: Format Endnotes, Pg 127
References: Modify Footnote Numbering, Pg 128
References: Insert Citation Placeholders, Pg 170
References: Insert Citations, Pg 167
References: Insert Bibliography, Pg 167
References: Change Citation Styles, Pg 169

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