Title Microsoft Word 2013 Study Guide: Advanced Word

           Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-425 and 77-426 for Word 2013

From the Word 2013 Expert Exams

1. Manage and Share Documents

1.1. Manage Multiple Documents
Link to External Data, Pg 210
Copy Macros, Pg 302
Copy Styles, Pg 108
Manage Versions, Pg 270
Merge Documents, Pg 254
Organize Styles, Pg 108


1.2. Prepare Documents for Review
Review: Delete Draft Versions, Pg 270
Review: Limit Authors, Pg 268
Review: Mark as Final, Pg 269
Review: Password Protect, Pg 267
Review: Remove Metadata, Pg 265
Review: Restrict Editing, Pg 190
Review: Set Tracking Options, Pg 240


1.3. Manage Changes
Changes: Track Changes, Pg 240
Changes: Manage Comments, Pg 236
Changes: Markup Options, Pg 240
Changes: Resolve Style Conflicts, Pg 256
Changes: Display All Changes, Pg 243

2.0. Design Advanced Documents
2.1 Apply Advanced Formatting

Advanced Layout Options, Pg 122
Create and Break Section Links, Pg 262
Create Custom Field, Pg 187
Use Wildcards in Find/Replace, Pg 117


2.2 Apply Advanced Styles
Assign Keyboard Shortcut to Styles, Pg 279
Character-Specific Styles, Pg 110
Create Custom Styles, Pg 104
Customize Existing Styles, Pg 101


2.3 Apply Advanced Ordering and Grouping
Create Master Documents, Pg 259
Create Outlines, Pg 257
Edit Master Documents (Insert Subdocuments), Pg 260
Link Document Elements, Pg 261
Promote Sections in Outlines, Pg 258

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3.0. Create Advanced References
3.1 Create and Manage indexes
References: Create Indexes, Pg 166
References: Update Indexes, Pg 168
References: Mark Index Entries, Pg 165
References: Use Index Auto-Mark, Pg 164

3.2 Create and Manage Reference Tables
References: Create Table of Contents, Pg 157
References: Create Table of Figures, Pg 175
References: Format Table of Contents, Pg 159
References: Update Table of Authorities, Pg 176

4.0. Create Custom Word Elements
4.2 Create Custom Styles and Templates
Custom Styles and Templates, Pg 105
Custom Theme Colors, Pg 198
Custom Theme Fonts, Pg 200