8. How do you format two columns of text in Word ?
a. Go to Page Layout ->Page Setup->Columns
b. Go to Insert ->Columns
c. Go to Format ->Columns
Tip: Intermediate Word, page 19

9. Indicate the ways you can format two columns. (Select all that apply)
a. Column width
b. Column spacing
c. Equal or different column width
Tip: Intermediate Word, page 20


Test Yourself




10. There are two pictures overlapping each other in your newsletter. Both pictures are formatted with the Text Wrapping at Tight.

How would you place a rainbow picture behind a satellite photo? (Select all that apply)
a. Click the rainbow and go to Page Layout ->Arrange ->Send to Back.
b. Right-click the rainbow and select Send to Back.
c. Click the rainbow and go to Picture Tools ->Format ->Send to Back.
Tip: Intermediate Word, page 26