From the Word 2013 EXPERT Exam 77-425 and 426

1. Manage and Share Documents
1.1. Modify Existing Templates
Modify Templates, Pg 46
Building Blocks: Insert Quick Parts, Pg  64

2. Design Advanced Documents
2.1. Apply Advanced Formatting

Advanced Character Space Options, Pg 104
Advanced Character Attributes, Pg 104

3. Create Advanced References
3.3. Forms, Fields and Mail Merges

Mail Merge: Add Custom Fields, Pg 127
Mail Merge: Add Field Controls, Pg 81
Mail Merge: Insert Merge Fields, Pg 81
Mail Merge: Manage Recipients, Pg 79
Mail Merge: Modify Field Control Properties, Pg 138
Mail Merge: Modify Field Controls, Pg 81
Mail Merge: Preview Results, Pg 83
Mail Merge: Run a Mail Merge, Pg 78


From the Word 2013 CORE Exam 77-418

2. Format Text and Paragraphs

2.1. Insert Text and Paragraphs

Format Text: Append Text, Pg 16

2.3  Order and Group Text and Paragraphs
Create Columns in Sections, Pg 19

3.0 Create Tables and Lists
3.1. Create a Table
Table Auotfit Options, Pg 150

3.2. Modifty a Table
Tables: Modify Fonts, Pg 152
Tables: Merge Cells, Pg 151

5.0. Insert and Format Objects
5.1 Insert and Format Building Blocks
Building Blocks: Insert Quick Parts, Pg  64


From the Word 2013 CORE Exam 77-418

4. Apply References

1.1 Create a Document
Create Documents: Apply Templates, Pg 51
Create Documents: Import Files, Pg 15
Open Non-Native Files in Word, Pg 222
Open a PDF in Word, Pg 222


1.2. Navigate Through a Document
Navigate: Insert Hyperlinks, Pg 162
Navigate: Insert Bookmarks, Pg 168


1.3. Format a Document
Format: Page Setup, Pg 98
Format: Themes, Pg 48
Format: Insert Watermarks, Pg 63


1.4. Custom Document Views
Document Views: Show/ Hide, Pg 17

1.5 Configure Documents to Print Or Save
Save Files to Remote Locations, Pg 204

Microsoft Word 2013 Study Guide: Intermediate Word

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-418 and Exams 77-425 and 426 for Word 2013