Handles--small icons on the corner and sides of objects, such as pictures, shapes or text boxes,  in an Office document or file to show where the edges of the object are.  Can be used to resize an object. pg.156


HTML-- hypertext markup language, a standardized set of code for Internet Browsers pg.159


Hyperlink-- how to get from one web page to another, links the pages pg.162


Index (web page) -- the name of the file that is the home page of a website pg.160


Linked objects-- an embedded object, such as an Excel spreadsheet, that remains connected to the original data and automatically reflects and changes in the original data. pg.33


Lock Anchor-- command that keeps the picture at a specific location relative to the edges of the page, not other content  pg.195


Address Block-- super Mail Merge field that includes name, address, city, state, and zip code pg.81


Anchor/ Lock Anchor-- measurement from edges of the page to the picture.  Lock Anchor keeps the picture exactly at the spot. pg.195


Blog post-- individual entry on a blog pg.58


Blog-- short for weblog, an online publication similar to a newsletter or online journal. Often used to log and share events and/or opinions pg.56


Bookmark-- a method for selecting a naming a place in a document for navigation or notes pg.167


Building Blocks (see also Quick Parts)-- content that can be made into Quick Parts pg.46

Character spacing-- the amount of space between letters, aka kerning pg.104


Clip Art gallery-- collection of image files from Microsoft, available for use in Microsoft Office programs pg. 25


Clip Art-- image file from Microsoft, available for use in Microsoft Office programs pg.25


Compress (picture) --reduces the file size of a picture, but not visible size pg.157


Document View-- standard page layout view showing an 8 x 11 document

fields (Mail Merge)-- categories in a list or database that are used in the Mail Merge, such as name or address pg.149

Intermediate Microsoft Word 2013: Glossary

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-418 and Exams 77-425 and 426 for Word 2013