Template-- a document, spreadsheet, or presentation that includes set formatting, layout and design pg.43


Text Wrapping-- how text interacts with pictures or objects pg.77


Theme-- when applied, formats text, paragraph, layout and color palette pg.48


Title bar--the bar at the top of a program that includes the program name and, if applicable, the current file name pg.55


Watermark-- light text or image in the background of a document pg. 102

text Intermediate Microsoft Word 2013: Glossary

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-418 and Exams 77-425 and 426 for Word 2013

Mail Merge-- the process where a data source is inserted into a Word document, creating individualized copies.  Process includes the main document, the data source, and the merged document. pg.211


Mail Merge Wizard-- walks step-by-step through the process of creating a Mail Merge pg.79


Margins-- the blank area between the text and edge of the paper pg.100


Microsoft Design Gallery-- the online collection of Clip Art and other media files provided by Microsoft.  pg.74


Object-- any item other than text used in a file, such as a shape, picture, Clip Art, etc  pg.21


OLE-- Object Linking and Embedding, refers to the process of linking objects (see linked object) pg.35


Orientation-- which direction on the paper is “up.”  Can be portrait, which is narrower than tall, or landscape which is wider than tall. pg.98

Quick Parts (see also Building Blocks)-- premade content available to add to a document pg.46


Recipients-- the people who will be receiving the mailing pg.106


Screentip-- tells a website user what to expect when clicking on a hyperlink pg.202


Show/ hide-- toggles the paragraph marks and other non-printing characters from hidden, by default, to visible. pg.17


SkyDrive-- online storage space available from Microsoft, available wherever you have Internet access pg.209