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Advanced Access Objectives

In this lesson, you will learn how to:

1. Create a Select Query that calculates the overdue movies for each customer with the DateDiff() function.

2. Format the Report Headers to include Bound and Unbound Controls.

3. Edit the Report Tab Order and align the Controls to the grid.

Menu Map

Lesson 8 : The Producers


Report Design Tools->Arrange
Menu Map

Menu Maps

From the Create Ribbon

1. Create ->Queries->Query Design, page 217

2. Create ->Reports->Report Wizard, page 226


From the Report Design Tools->Arrange Ribbon

3. Report Design Tools ->Arrange->Sizing and Ordering->Align, page 229


From the Report Design Ribbon

4. Report Design Tools ->Design-> Grouping and Totals ->Group & Sort, page 233

5. Report Design Tools ->Design->Tools->Tab Order, page 235