PowerPivot Home Ribbon


Advanced Excel Objectives

In this lesson, you will learn how to:

1. Enable the PowerPivot Ribbon.

2. Open Access Tables in Excel (Link).

3. Create a PivotChart with External Data.

4. Import External Data and add to a Data Model.

5. Create different views, or Perspectives of the data.

Menu Map

More Menu Maps
From the PowerPivot Home and Advanced Ribbons

1. Home->Formatting->Accounting, page 299

2. Home->Sort and Filter, page 300

3. Home->Formatting->PivotTable, page 301

4. Home->View->Data View, page 313
5. Home->View->Diagram View, page 314
6. Advanced->Show Implicit Calculated, page 315
7. Advanced->Perspective, page 316


Lesson 8 : Introduction to PowerPivot


PowerView Ribbon

Even More Menu Maps

From the Data Ribbon.

Data->Get External Data->From Access, page 293

From the PivotChart Tools
Analyze->Calculations->Relationships, page 309

From the Insert Ribbon
Insert->Reports->Power View, page 320

Menu Maps

From the PowerPivot Ribbon
Power Pivot->Data Model->Manage, page 298