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Navigation Pane: lets you choose the folder you wish to view, such as Inbox, Journal, Calendar, etc, pg. 32


Outbox: an electronic folder in Outlook and other E-mail programs that contains E-mail waiting to be sent, pg. 77


People Pane: shows activity related to the sender of an E-mail, pg. 175


Personal stationery: Outlook options to modify Theme, Styles, colors and fonts of an E-mail and apply to all new messages by default, pg. 262


Quick Steps: Outlook feature that applies multiple-step tasks in one click, pg. 129


Read Receipt: E-mail confirmation that requests the recipient to confirm if they have read the E-mail, pg. 68


Reading Pane: displays the contents of an E-mail message without opening a separate window, pg. 33


Recurring Appointment: Outlook appointment that repeats at regular intervals, pg. 194


Rules (E-mail) sort and move messages based on user identified criteria, pg. 121


Appointment: arrangement to meet another at a specific time and place; record of such arrangement in an Outlook calendar, pg. 188


Attachment: a picture, document, or other file that is sent with an E-mail, pg.86


BCC: means Blind Carbon Copy; a copy of the E-mail is sent to all recipients, but recipients cannot see the E-mail addresses in the BCC field, pg. 64


Business card: virtual card created using contact information in Outlook; can be E-mailed to others, pg. 162


CC: means Carbon Copy; a copy of the E-mail is sent to all recipients with E-mail addresses visible, pg. 64


Clean Up: Outlook command that removes redundant E-mail messages, pg. 138


Contacts: list of E-mail addresses and other contact information stored in Outlook, pg.152


Conversations (E-mail): E-mail sorting feature that groups E-mails by topic or subject line, pg. 135


Delivery Receipt: E-mail confirmation that the sent E-mail was received; does not track if the E-mail was opened, pg. 67

E-mail Blast: marketing message sent to a mailing list, pg. 90


E-mail header: includes information about who sent the E-mail, when, and the size of any attachments, pg. 102


Event: Outlook appointment that is marked as occurring all day, such as a birthday, anniversary, or other all day appointment, pg. 197


Forward (an E-mail): send an E-mail to another party, not the original recipient(s), pg. 37


HTML: Hyper Text Mark-Up Language; the coding that is use to create web pages; files saved in HTML format generally open in a web browser by default, pg. 90


Inbox: an electronic folder in Outlook and other E-mail programs that contains incoming E-mail messages, pg. 30


Journal: Outlook command for tracking, including Outlook activity as well as time working on a document or spreadsheet, pg. 245


Junk mail: unsolicited, undesired mail, including spam, that is sorted based on pre-set and user defined settings into a special folder to reduce inbox clutter, pg. 141

Microsoft Outlook 2013: Glossary

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