Microsoft Outlook 2013: Glossary

             Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Exam 77-423 for Outlook 2013


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Scheduling Assistant: helper application that displays meeting attendees calendars in one place to facilitate finding a time that all attendees are available to meet, pg. 206


Signature (E-mail): text added at the bottom or end of an E-mail that usually includes the senderís name, address, website, or other content, pg. 260


SmartArt: editable graphics, charts and diagrams, pg. 93


Social Network: online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace that allow users to be connected and interact, pg. 176


Styles: collection of preset formatting to be applied to text or objects, pg. 42

Task: an Outlook record of work to be completed, pg. 219


Theme: when applied, formats text, paragraph, layout and color palette, pg. 59


To-Do Bar: list of appointments and tasks that is located on the right side of the Outlook window, pg. 34


Voting buttons: buttons added to an E-mail that track the users responses to a question; can be customized, pg. 70