Slide Show Ribbon


PowerPoint Objectives

In this lesson, you will learn how to:

1. Use the Presentation Tools to add pen and highlighter annotations.

2. Set up a Slide Show, play narrations and show the Media Controls.

3. Rehearse, adjust and use timings in a slide show.

4. Record a Slide Show.


Lesson 6: Delivering Presentations


Slide Show Ribbon, continued

Menu Maps

From the Slide Show Ribbon.

1. Start Slide Show, page 184

2. Set up->Rehearse Timings, page 191

3. Set Up->Record Slide Show, page 197

4. Monitors->Monitor, page 199

5. Monitors->Use Presenters View, page 200

6. Set Up->Hide, page 201

7. Start Slide Show->Custom Slide Show, page 203

8. Set Up-> Set Up Slide Show, page 205